Why Do ‘About’ Pages Stink?

Company ‘About’ pages tend to be uncreative, boring, and ineffective. This is a potential fix that I think is creative, fun, and totally effective.

Ever since reading in Fast Company  about how the wonderful people over at Cornett organized their ‘About‘ page, I’ve wanted to do something similar for myself.

If you don’t want to check out the links to both pages – I’ll do a tl;dr.

What Cornett believed is that the majority of ‘About’ pages absolutely suck.  They suck because they are boring.  They suck because they don’t capture the essance of what makes a person tick.  They suck because they don’t accurately show the cultural fit between an awesome person and an awesome company.

“The majority of company’s about pages absolutely suck.”

Cornett’s idea to spice up their own about page was awesome.  They had their employees do these –


Almost like an adult show and tell!

Cornett’s theory is that through showing the things that matter to a person, visitors to their site will get a sense of an individual employees personality better than if only a blurb and a headshot were provided.

What I did was put together an image about me using some of the stuff I have in my room here at Krash in Brooklyn.  I consider it a rough draft because I took it with an iPhone camera.  I also don’t love the spacing of the items.  I am hoping to do a better one with to get a proper camera and some lighting later.


I will try to list links to all of the things I put in there.  Lots of this stuff I am very passionate about.  I also feel that this is my extended version of a EDC- everyday-carry.com.

Starting at the top left and working to the right.

-American Crew Pomade

-London Walks

-USMNT Scarf 

-The Motley Cologne Trio

-Large Moleskin Notebook

-Stabilo Pens

-MacBook Pro 

-BugSplat Software sticker from StickerMule: These guys are the best.  If you need cheap stickers for your company go here.  I wish that they did sticker business chards.  That would be ballin.


-Burr Grinder

-Brooklyn Roasting Whole Bean Coffee

-RHA MA600i earbuds

-University of St Andrews Sticker

-J.Crew White Oxford Shirt 

-J.Crew Urban Slim Jeans

-Pork Slap from Butternuts


-H&M crap sunglasses


-Men’s TIMEX Indiglo Silver Tone Quartz

-Keychain with ShardUSBRemove Before Flight Tag – Krash Member Medallion

-Assorted Change

-Mints from Boulder Colorado

I’m still on the fence about whether I want these for my full company, but it did seem like a good project to add to my personal blog.