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This post was originally an answer to an open question on Quora. I took the time to answer because I’m interested in becoming more involved with the Quora community (follow me if you have an account!) and because I wanted to place my strong opinion about Krash NYC somewhere it could benefit people interested in applying to be a Krasher.

Below you can read what my experience was like – how I felt moving to NYC and living with a bunch of other folks trying to grow their business.

Spoiler: I found the whole experience pretty awesome.

Quora – What is it like to live at Krash NY?


I lived at Krash for five months in 2014 and was actually a member of the first class of Krash residents in NYC. I really enjoyed the experience and hope to stay in another Krash residence at some point in the future.

At Krash I met amazing people, worked hard on my business, and was given a great introduction to the NYC tech and startup scene. All of this was expertly facilitated by the wonderful people at Krash.

If you’re starting your own business or working on an interesting project I highly recommend that you check out Krash. This is especially true if you’re looking to move to NYC and fit the aforementioned criteria.

Krash does a great job making each home comfortable and convenient. The houses are really nice, they’re cleaned twice a week, the kitchen is stocked with the basics, there’s a projector and internet tv accounts, and each house has an area designated for co-working. They also host two events each week, a ‘Family Dinner’ on Sundays for the whole house and a ‘Taste of Eship’ on Tuesdays where they bring in guest speakers who are generally prominent entrepreneurs. Both are superb. I have fond memories of both and still attend the ‘Taste of Eships’ on occasions, months after moving out of Krash.

A party in the backyard at Krash.

A party in the backyard at Krash.

Each Krashpad is like its own little weird family. It’s a supportive, collaborative, and inspiring atmosphere. You grow to know and care deeply about your friends businesses and projects – we would often joke that we could do each others’ business pitches.

Krashpads are also not all about business. Most of the down time you spend in the house is just hanging out and enjoying each others’ company. While I was at Krash I spent a lot of my free time going out for dinner or drinks with my fellow Krashers or cooking and staying in and watching Game of Thrones on the projector (I was there during GOT season). Everyone works hard at Krash so they also take their downtime seriously.

If you want a quick taste of what Krash life looks like check out this video Krash made about my time there.

There is a lot of territory that I haven’t covered about life at Krash. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or just reach out to me via email – joeyplunkett at