‘Timmy’s Top Picks’ – Charger Cases

My younger brother is exceptionally good at putting together tech reviews. Or I guess his ability is to take a product category – say headphones or laptops or whatever – and then craft well thought out and useful suggestions based on the options available. It’s amazing and I always ask him before buying a new tech item.

Timmy, my younger brother’s name is Timmy if you didn’t pick that up from the title and the first paragraph… – has always been hardwired a bit differently from me in this regard. I get hooked by one small piece of a product and am happy to buy it without much thought of the alternatives. Timmy, however, is thorough. He looks at all the options and enjoys weighing those options against each other.

Anyways, a few weeks ago Timmy and the rest of my family came to NYC to visit. While here I was jealous of the added hours of battery life his iPhone charger case gave him. Timmy went the whole day – brunch, shopping, the Met, drinks, dinner, more drinks – on one charge.

I was impressed. I wanted one of those damn cases.

When I asked Timmy what brand his was he told me that his was no good.

“This case doesn’t even give you a full extra charge. It’s crap”

With that he signed himself up for doing some research for me. One week later I reieved the following email from him.

Enjoy your first Timmy review. They are excellent.

‘Timmy’s Top Picks’ – Charger Cases

The consensus top iphone charger cases are made by Mophie. Mophie is by far the best designed charger case, and is very thin by charger case standards. However, they are all expensive. If you want the best case and are willing to spend money, go for one of these. There are 3 styles of Mophies, all at different charge boosts.

Extra Charge: 80%, 100%, 120%
Cost; $60-110 on amazon



A comparable substitute to the Mophie is the Lenmar Meridian. This case is on a huge sale on amazon right now, which in my opinion would make it the better purchase than Mophie.

Extra Charge: 100%
Cost: $45


The Maxboost Atomic S is the #1 selling iphone charger case on amazon. Lots of good reviews, supposedly charges an extra 120%.

Extra Charge: 120%
Cost: $40


The Anker charger case is the cheapest option I could find that still gets good reviews. Lots of power, but probably doesn’t feel as good in your hand or on the phone.

Extra Charge: 120%
Cost: $30


Hope this helps! You should definitely pick one up they are very useful.