Resume Packaging Design

This is the way that I am packaging my physical resume.  I worked hard to make the envelope interesting by incorporating a great font called ‘Plantain’, making my university stand out using shapes and colors, and I picked an envelope with a pleasant tactile feel.

This was a fun exercise however but it might have been for naught.  There are few times where I will actually physically pass along my resume.  I understand why this is – emailed pdfs are easier to deal with – but electronic versions miss out chances to show uniqueness and creativity.  I worked hard to make my resume feel like care had been taken to put it together – this means I took time to design a resumé that would stand out, find a color pallet that was appealing to me, and picking paper that had a good weight and feel to it.  I want a potential employer to open it up with care and, while poring over it, say look at that subtle off-white coloring…..

I also spent time making sure the pdf version is perfect.  I love technology and building things on computers, but it is also fun to make things in a physical form.