Bean Boots in Winter

Most of us New Englanders grow up draped in LL Bean gear.  We have the backpack growing up, a sweater for the fall, and when it snows we layered up with their coats, mittens, snow pants, & hats.  LL Bean gear might not be as iconic as the Scottish Kilt or the Dutch Clog but we use them everyday and to us they are a part of life.

Spending time at St Andrews has pulled me slightly away from this tradition.  I now have the Barbour jacket and Hunter boots for cold and wet days.  These unsurprisingly work well for Scotland and England –  mainly because they were designed for it.  However when I arrived back home I was happy to find these old Duck Boots in the back of the garage.  They are perfect for the snow and the cold and have inspired me to throw back on my LL Bean sweaters.

I plan on bringing these back to the UK with me and suggest that everyone else go out and get a pair.