‘Dark Chronicles’ Book Reviews Plus Ninja Edit

Late last night I finished the last of the three “Dark Chronicles”.  From the beginning of the first novel, to the end of the last, I was riveted by this fast paced and intricate spy thriller.  It is especially interesting because he is obviously a student of history in the sense that he weaves his fictional story around actual historical events and then includes extensive notes at the end.  I highly suggest that you pick up a copy from your local bookstore or online.

Because I feel strongly about this book I tweeted about it this morning.  Amazingly the author tweeted back and explained that he has a non-fiction book coming out in the summer and he has plans to continue this series soon.

Twitter might not be the best platform for everything, but it was wild to talk to author of the book I just finished and express my gratitude for his work directly.  Best of all, he is now following me on Twitter!

Happy writing Jeremy Duns.  I appreciate the hard work you are putting in!

Tweet from the author: