Book Review: 4 Hour Chef

I got my copy of The 4-Hour Chef acouple days ago and have been loving it.  Tim Ferris did a great job.  The book is beautify and full of really interesting information.  I just cooked my first recipe from the book for dinner today!

This book is much more than just a cook book.  It is a guide to accelerated learning and condensing information into useful bits.

In essence it is a guidebook to simplify the learning process.

What I appreciate about it the most, is he DSSS process for learning ties together and unites lots of little tricks I’ve developed during my time at university.  His guide teaches me how to use my own tricks, and how to amplify the results.

First thing I am going to do with the DSSS learning method is learn web development.  #can’twait

I also really enjoy Tim’s blog which can be found at this url. 

Stay tuned for some the pictures and recipes from my favorites (favourites for UK readers)!