How the video game industry nearly vanished.

What was the Crash? Faces

  At my company BugSplat we are passionate about preventing crashes – but not all crashes are caused by defects in code! In the early 80’s the video game industry was booming in North America. The price of home consoles had dropped and the demand for new video games was skyrocketing. Everyone wanted to play…

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‘Timmy’s Top Picks’ – Charger Cases

My younger brother is exceptionally good at putting together tech reviews. Or I guess his ability is to take a product category – say headphones or laptops or whatever – and then craft well thought out and useful suggestions based on the options available. It’s amazing and I always ask him before buying a new…

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Three Ways Halloween Candy Could Benefit From Crash Reporting


As a kid, Halloween is about as good as it gets. You’re allowed to wear whatever you want, no matter how ridiculous, and then go around your neighborhood and demand that adults give you candy. Halloween is nothing short of institutionalized fleecing of the adult population by children. For years I had the same routine…

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